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We provide a wonderful cultural heritage tourism package in the town of opim funnel, Lasem, Central Java. During 18th and 19th centuries, Lasem was serving as a port for the largest opium trade on Java along with the neighboring town of Juwana. Lasem generated tremendous wealth from the trade and became an affluent town. The remnants of such riches can still be seen in the Chinatowns of Lasem, Soditan, Gambiran, Karangturi, and Babagan. “Great and splendid buildings adopting Fujian Chinese, Chinese-East Indies, Indische Empire, and colonial architectures are scattered across Lasem Old Town.” 



  • Hotel or Heritage House
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Toyota HIACE
  • Welcome drink and snack
  • Transport from Semarang to Lasem
  • Transport from Lasem to Semarang
  • Batik activities


  • Ticket (plane or train) from Jkt to Semarang
  • Ticket (plane and train) from Semarang to Jakarta
  • Personal expenses

Trip Date

Start every week, start on Feb 11, 2018


09:00Semarang Airport
09:30Trip to Lasem
13:30Cu An Kiong Temple
14:15Heritage house (opium house)
15:00Tegel Fabriek (Lie Thiam Kwie Mansion)
16:00Red House TKH
17:00Karangjahe beach

Discover Lasem

Discover Lasem

We offer a heritage thematic trip in old town Lasem, Central Java. Lasem also know as Little China since early 20th century tourism in Dutch East Indies (colonial) era as well as its famous as a city of Batik Pesisir (coastal batik). Lasem also known as one of Chen He's debarkation point in 15th century. Nowadays, Lasem are also knows as the town of tolerance-multicultural, the town of Santri (Islamic teaching student), and the town of living museum.

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