Traditional Dance Tortor Batak in King Sisingamangaraja Palace Experience

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Traditional Dance Tortor Batak in King Sisingamangaraja Palace Experience

King Sisingamangaraja XII is a National Hero from the Batak Land whose palace is located in Baktiraja Humbang Hasundutan Regency. Being in the Palace of King Sisingamangaraja seemed to feel the struggle of ancient Batak fighters. This package not only sees and witnesses the Palace alone but we will be given a new experience of dancing like the Batak people. Why does it have to be in this palace? To give the nuances of Old Batak as well as knowing the history of the struggle of the Batak people first. Almost all Batak people use traditional Batak dances in every event, whether marriage, death, mangokkal holi (an event for ancestors) and others. Body curves, rhythms, and tones that sound very different and very interesting for us to see and pull. This package will provide dance teaching services, simple make up, as well as Batak tortor dancing for you to capture. Every beat of the Batak Dance will provide extraordinary inner peace and will provide unforgettable happiness. You will also be accompanied by traditional Batak musicians who will accompany the excitement of this experience

What's include

  • Wellcome drink with Utte Pangir, traditional drink like fresh lemon
  • Lappet, traditional cake
  • Simple Make Up
  • Traditional Costume
  • Ticket to Enter Sisingamaraja Palace
  • Live Traditional Batak Music

What's Exclude

  • Transportation to Sisingamangaraja Palace
  • Hotel
  • Lunch
  • Dinner


14:00 Wellcome drink and traditional cake
14:15 Explore Sisingamangaraja History and Sisingamaraja Palace
14:45 Practise traditional Batak Dance with Dance Teacher
15:15 Use traditional Costume and make up procesing
16:00 Performance
16:30 Free time with Live Tradisional Batak Music



Harmoko Sinaga

I am a member of the Tonggi Art Studio in Humbang Hasundutan Regency, daily working as a Village Assistant and also an event organizer. My wife is a dance teacher at a school in Doloksanggul, the capital of Humbang Hasundutan Regency and as a dance trainer at the Tonggi Art Studio.

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